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Bless It Forward Ministires Blog - New July 2021

A little place for me to share my creative bible journaling with you, to hopefully encourage and inspire you.

A little bit about me, I am a wife, mother and childminder based in Derbyshire, who enjoys being creative in my bible study time. I am reliant on God & strive to be a good example.

My objective for sharing with you all is. I want to make a difference in people’s lives, by encouraging and inspiring others, through what I share. I know it seems like such a huge ambition, and perhaps naïve, but quantity is not everything. So even if what I share helps one individual in their journey through life I will feel really happy.

So enjoy a scroll those my posts and hopefully you will feel encouraged.


Remember The True Purpose of Reading Your Bible 

24th July 2021

I just wanted to share some encouragement that I felt God put on my heart this morning… That is; As you open up your Bible remember the true purpose of reading your Bible… which is it’s all about drawing near to God as He renews your mind with His truth, which is far more important than checking daily readings off of a list.

For me personally I am someone actually think a slower reading pace is especially important when meditating on Scripture, I will take my time to really read it, soaking on it, praying over it, looking up more information, connecting through worship with it, etc. For me reading the Bible is about being refreshed in God’s word and to growing spiritually in my relationship with God through his word. So yes I am proud to say I am a slow Bible reader.

Yes others may prefer to read faster, trying to get an overview of Scripture. Some have more time available for their daily reading and may be able to read through the Bible multiple times in a year etc, and yes that is all great too. But If your driving motive to read the Bible is to get it done as fast as you can, rather than to meet with the living God and become entranced by his glory, then you will burn out… and will miss all that God has to offer through his word.

So, I want to encourage you remember; you are a completely unique individual at a specific point in your spiritual journey, so, when it comes to Bible Reading time don’t allow yourself to be pressured into feeling guilty, as you see people doing this fast or this much etc. It’s really important that you set a pace that you feel comfortable with, and that you feel will enable you to get the most of your time spent reading your Bible and growing in your relationship with God.